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Cement Sleepers

Cement Sleepers are perfect to use for vertical boundary or retainer walls. Visit us instore for more information on this product.
Colour Range
Cement Sleeper - Blackwood Blackwood
Cement Sleeper - Lonsdale Lonsdale
Cement Sleeper - McLaren McLaren
Cement Sleeper - Kensington Kensington
Cement Sleeper - Cove Cove
Cement Sleeper - Ashwood Ashwood
Disclaimer: Colour swatches on this website are a guide only. We recommend to view the latest product samples instore before making your final selection.
  • Steel reinforced and structurally sound
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost effective if you DIY, otherwise consider block systems as an alternative
Suitable for
  • Retaining walls
  • Vertical boundary walls where you need a fence on top
  • APC recommends a more cost effective alternative using segmental blocks. See below for recommendations.
Specifications Size (WxHxD) No.per m2 Weight per unit m2 per pallet
Cement Sleepers 2m x 200 x 80mm N/A 77kg N/A
Cement Sleepers 2m x 200 x 100mm N/A 96kg N/A
Cement Sleepers 2m x 200 x 120mm N/A 116kg N/A
Cement Sleepers 2.4m x 200 x 80mm N/A 94kg N/A
Cement Sleepers 2.4m x 200 x 100mm N/A 117kg N/A
Cement Sleepers Plinth 2.34m x 100 x 50mm N/A 30kg N/A
Cement Sleepers Plinth 2.34m x 200 x 50mm N/A 59kg N/A

Steel Reinforced and Structurally Sound

Cement Sleepers are a not a bad option if you are building a retaining wall on a boundary line or in tight spaces. They are steel reinforced and structurally sound, so you can build higher walls as long as they are designed by an engineer. Plus, they will never rot or be affected by pests, making them a great low maintenance option, but these walls can look unsightly in comparison to other options.

Not Economical

Cement sleepers may not always be the most economical option. Additional items are required for construction, such as steel H & C sections, the cost of hiring hole borders, and the cost of concrete to fill all the post holes. It is also expensive to have this type of wall built by the trade, as they tend to know that the average person does not have the right equipment and won’t do it themselves, so they generally charge what they want. Some Trades also like to push customers on to concrete sleeper walls because they can get in and out of the job quickly and make good profits on these types of walls.

Not DIY friendly

Then there is the issue of installation. Cement Sleepers are around 2 metres long and weigh up to 120 kilos, so you will need the help of two or more people to lift the sleepers into place and slide them down the steel channel. Sleepers are also limited to straight lines, so if you want to incorporate a curve in your backyard, a segmental retaining wall system would be a better option.

Labour Intensive

Manoeuvring sleepers is labour intensive, which is why APC recommends retaining wall blocks for a much simpler solution. Blocks are much lighter, and only one person is needed for handling and installation, making the job much easier and more efficient.

Sleepers are also limited in colour and finishes and aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, our retaining wall blocks offer an endless selection in size, colour, finishes and style. With blocks, you can also create near vertical walls, terraced walls, curved walls, and walls of various heights and lengths.

For walls 600mm high or lower, APC recommends –
Rockface Block
Coloured Easy Lock Block
Grey Easy Lock Block

For walls over 600mm in height, APC recommends –
Rockface Block
Textured Easy Lock Block
Garden Stone
Freestone Block
Backyard Block

Steel Upright Posts

IMPORTANT TIP: 80mm thick Concrete Sleepers will not fit in 100 UB(RSJ). We recommend the 120 UB(RSJ) for 80mm thick Sleepers sizes. For 100 mm thick Concrete Sleepers we recommend 150 mm UB(RSJ) steel.

Additional information

Wall Height

Retaining Wall 800mm +

Wall Type


Build Location


Check out the APC exclusive Rockface Block!

The APC Rockface Block is excellent value for money, comes in the very latest styles and colours and is super DIY friendly.

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