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Pool landscaping, when done right, can add aesthetic beauty and value to your home. The type of landscaping you can do varies as you're no longer limited to just the perimeter of the pool; you can also add hardscapes or structural walls.

We've collected different pool landscaping ideas that will turn your pool into a relaxing oasis.

Before we go any further, it's best to learn the rules and regulations of building or remodelling your pool. If you're planning to build a pool, be mindful of the building code that requires all pools have a pool fence. To verify the details of all the regulations in your state, you can ask your pool fence installer or licensed builder.

Once you become aware of the building code around pools, you can now begin to browse through our landscaping designs.

Paving has always been an essential part of pools. Constructing a new one or remodelling your current pool means you'll have to consider paving. Trust me, you or your guests wouldn’t like stepping on the wet muddy ground after a relaxing dip in the pool.

Paving is also not limited to the area around your pool. You also have the option to select different types of pool coping.

Want something trendy? Try square edged. Need to be on the safe side? Go with rounded bullnose copers. You don't have to worry if the coper will match the colour of your paver. Here at APC, we provide the widest range of pavers in Adelaide. You'll have fun choosing different textures and colour swatches.

Aiming for a picturesque pool? No matter what budget you have for your pool landscaping project, you'll have an available course of action you can take. From using natural stones to different plants, you can turn your pool area into an oasis you'd never want to leave.

If you only want to enhance your pool surrounds, we have you covered. We have different landscaping ideas such as improving your pool, making it the focal point of your backyard, and even adding features.

Nothing compares to a beautiful pool area with the right design and materials. A beautiful pool area should complement your home and landscape. If you're not sure on an area or design, it's better to ask for help rather than deal with the pitfalls at a later time.

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